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Social Dimension

We recognize the importance of conducting business with social responsibility, through efficiently organized activities that lead to maximum effectiveness and results, contributing to a happier coexistence in society, alongside creating value for the business while benefiting all stakeholders.

This is aimed at improving the quality of life, prioritizing the care and development of employees, enhancing human capital capabilities to align with the company's strategies in various aspects. Furthermore, the company also promotes and supports the involvement of stakeholders, prioritizing and evaluating material issues for the business to establish sustainability management guidelines.

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Human Rights

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Goals and Strategies for Social Management

Human Rights Policy

The Company has announced a human rights policy by adhering to the principles of compliance with the United Nations Global Impact (UNGC), the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) as operation guidelines and frameworks, including employment equality regardless of sexual orientation of men, women, LGBTQ, and persons with disabilities.

to ensure that the Company’s business operations are free from human rights violation. The Board of Directors deemed appropriate to establish human rights policies to prevent human rights violations such as human trafficking, forced labor, child labor, discrimination, and harassment in all direct activities of the Company and its Business Partner in Business Value Chain.

Human Rights Policy Announcement
Human Rights Due Diligence Process
Human Rights Due Diligence and Human Rights Assessment Checklist

Collective Bargaining

The company provides opportunities for communication between management and employees regarding employee benefits through the Welfare Committee, as stipulated in Section 96 of the Labor Protection Act B.E. 2541. The Welfare Committee consists of employee representatives elected according to criteria and methods specified by the Director-General of the Department of Welfare and Labor Protection (currently, there are five employee representatives). This demonstrates support for the right to work as enshrined in the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP) to develop employee welfare and benefits in collaboration with management representatives. This ensures that employees receive the desired and appropriate benefits and have their expectations met. Consultative meetings are held with management quarterly, as mandated by law.

Responsibility Policy for Tollway Users

The company considers its customers as highly valued stakeholders who enable the company to sustain its operations for an extended period up to the present. The company is committed to providing services with honesty, integrity, and accurate information about the organization and its services. It ensures that the services provided are adequate, fair, and compliant with consumer rights laws. Additionally, the company welcomes feedback, compliments, and constructive criticism from its customers at all times to enhance the level of service and provide convenience, safety, and customer satisfaction. The company also adheres to ethical practices in customer service without discrimination. In case of service issues, the company promptly coordinates efforts to find solutions together. Furthermore, the company respects customer confidentiality and does not disclose customer information obtained through normal business operations unless required by law. Additionally, the company provides customers with the opportunity to file complaints regarding any shortcomings in the service provided.

The Company has a plan to manage relationships both proactively and reactively with customers according to the marketing business development strategy that focuses on responding to customer needs. The Company has a CRM Platform to measure service results and develop plans for continuous customer care.

Policy on Responsibility towards Contract Parties and Partners

The Company has a policy to treat partners/contract parties with an honest commitment to comply with the conditions given to all types of partners under the specified conditions, criteria, and laws with honesty, transparency, and equality.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Policy on Care for Employees

The company takes care of employee welfare and safety by providing fair and appropriate rewards based on their knowledge, skills, responsibilities, and job performance. This is done by using a performance evaluation system that reflects job performance as criteria for assessing performance, salary adjustments, and annual bonuses. Examples include evaluating work performance based on statistics and adherence to company discipline, assessing job performance by supervisors along the job hierarchy, achieving Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and evaluating competencies. In addition, the company provides benefits such as retirement funds, higher education funds for master's degree and above, and group health insurance.

The company also has goals to develop employees at all levels to collectively drive the organization according to the organization's values, CAT, in order to adapt to rapid changes in the global economy, environment, and society. This includes changes in technology and innovation that impact business operations.

In 2022, the company has hired employees.

382 persons


194 persons


185 persons


Male2 persons

Female1 person

Employee Stewardship by the BEST Employer Framework

Driving the organization efficiently towards sustainability
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Focus on developing employees and connection to driving corporate strategies.
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Leadership development
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Create participation in the organization
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Employee engagement to the organization
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Employing People with Disabilities

According to Section 33 of the Act on Empowerment and Development of the Life of Persons with Disabilities, 2007


4 persons

Employment rate for people with disabilities 100:1 according to Section 33 Male Female
Supervisor Level Staff - 1
Operational Level 2 -

Creating a career for the disabled

According to Section 35 of the Act on Empowerment and Development of the Life of Persons with Disabilities, B.E. 2550


1 person

Year Promote Career Number of persons with disabilities Operation Area
2017 Raise Chicken Eggs 2 Sa Kaeo Province
2018 Raise Chicken Eggs 2 Nakhon Ratchasima Province
2019 Raise Chicken Eggs 2 Ratchaburi Province
2020 Raise Chicken Eggs 2 Ratchaburi Province
2021 Raise Chicken Eggs 2 Ratchaburi Province
2022 Raise Chicken Eggs 2 Nakhon Ratchasima Province

Policy on Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational safety and health are the business’ important responsibilities. The Company requires executives, employees, partners, and contractors to be responsible for safety of their own, colleagues, communities according to the Occupational Safety and Health Policy.

Policy on Safety, Occupational Health and Working Environment

Policy on Participation in Community and Social Development

The company recognizes the importance of active participation in social and environmental responsibilities. It firmly believes that adhering to the principles of social and environmental responsibility within the organization can lead to the survival and harmony of business, society, and the environment. The company considers understanding the correct principles and the benefits derived from practicing them as essential for its employees. It is crucial that employees genuinely comprehend these principles because understanding them will help ensure that the company's policies regarding social responsibility and environmental stewardship are earnestly implemented.

The Company has a total of 5 aspects for social responsibility guidelines Guidelines

The company is dedicated to developing projects that benefit both local communities and society at large, generating value and impact that meet the needs of all stakeholders as well as supporting the sustainable development goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations and integrates them into company’s operations.