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Throughout the 30 years of operations

2021 was another year that the Company has successfully applied its accumulated experiences and knowledge foundation in all dimensions, including potential existing within all personnel, for managing crisis and leading the Company to create a new, memorable history.

In the past year, the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) continued to have a significant impact in the global scale. During these unpredictable times, the Company was still able to operate its businesses with a more secure financial status, to manage through crises, and to ensure safety of all employees. In addition, the Company has set up various projects to provide for the community and society during these difficult times of the pandemic because of its commitment to Thai society to unite together in fighting through these unprecedented crises that have been affecting our business operations and way of life.

For financial status in 2021, the Company has successfully listed the Company’s ordinary shares on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) with the first trading day on 7 May 2021, offering 140 million shares to the public and received a total of Baht 2,240 million from selling of the newly issued ordinary shares. On 10 May 2021, the Company has fully repaid short-term and long-term loans to financial institutions of Baht 1,686.36 million, which relieved interest burden and enhanced financialliquidity for a more stable business operation.

With clear consciousness that business operations in the modern world are changing rapidly in every aspect, the Company emphasizes on risk management policies, in which the Risk Management Committee and all departments are closely monitoring situations that may have an impact on the Company in order to ensure seamless management through every challenge, volatility, and threats in a timely manner. When combined with important policies on sustainability development, planning has been conducted to achieve sustainable growth in dimensions of Economic, Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG). The Company has continuously laid the foundation for driving sustainable business, which is a significantly powerful strategy that enables the organization to overcome obstacles with pride.

In terms of its contribution to the society, the Company has been a key founder and manager of the Dream for Achievement Foundation since 2013 by providing scholarships to underprivileged students with good behavior and high competency to have the opportunity for higher education in the country’s leading universities as specified by the Company. Since 2013, a total of 169 scholarships have been given to students of the Foundation. As of 2021, 67 students have graduated, in which 33 (or 49%) of such students graduated with 1st class and 2nd class honors. The Dream for Achievement Foundation will continue to provide scholarships to support underprivileged youths so that they can grow up and become a force in developing the country. The Company would also like to invite other donors who wish to make contributions in supporting education under the Foundation’s policy to help make it a sustainable charity organization for the society (visit www.daf.or.th for more details). The Dream for Achievement Foundation is a charity organization No. 968 according to the Ministry of Finance. Donations are deductible for annual income taxes.

On this occasion, I would like to thank all parties for their continuous support and trust in the Company. I pledge that our organization is ready to deliver socially responsible services and partake in sustainably supporting the Thai people for a better quality of life. We realize the importance of sustainability policy and have built a foundation as an evolving learning organization to create personnel with responsibility to all stakeholders, including community, society, and environment, in order to continuously build a sustainable future for the Company and Thai society together.

Mr. Sombath Phanichewa
Chairman of the Board of Directors