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Don Muang Tollway Public Co.,Ltd. would like to thank all users who use the Utraphimuk Expressway during Din Daeng - Don Maung - National Memorial throughout.

The toll rates are predetermined in accordance with the Memorandum of Agreement Amending the Concession Agreement No.3/2007 dated 12 September 2007 that the toll rates are adjusted in every five years.

Toll Rates

(Starting on 22 December 2019 until 21 December 2024.)

*Toll rates for 4-wheel vehicle (Type I) at Baht 115/vehicle/trip and toll rates for more than 4-wheel vehicle (Type 2) at Baht 155/vehicle/trip which Tollway users can pay one time at Don Muang Toll Plaza for distance of National Memorial to Don Muang and Don Muang to Din Daeng.