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Sustainability at DMT


Responsibility to society is the dedication to elevate the quality of life of Thais in various aspects, aiming for sustainable development and benefits to Thai society as a whole, including employees, users, and the public.

The first episode of CSR started from intention of Don Muang Tollway Public Company Limited’s management to drive the whole organization toward “Social Enterprise” which has envisioned that doing business is not only looking at ourselves but looking at the society around the company and jointly driving Thai Society toward sustainability development. To accomplish this CSR vision, the management has set the integrated Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (iCSR Policy) in order to comply with the CSR guidelines that have been used by listed companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The iCSR policy consists of 2 parts of social responsibility which are, the social responsibility for normal business (CSR-in Process) and the social responsibility in addition to normal business (CSR-after Process)

In order to implement the CSR-after process, the management has enlightened the idea “Tollway the Kindness way that flows to society” which has a goal to put the DMT’s staff as a center of CSR projects. Furthermore, the idea has been communicated through the symbol represented by “Mr. Tollway” which is the symbol of all DMT’s employees with full of CSR Power. In addition, the CSR-after process has been developed to the “Volunteer Staff Project” which encourages all DMT’s staff to propose and implement the CSR project by themselves with support from DMT. These ideas of CSR after-process will ultimately help the company to develop the business along with satisfying stakeholders at the same time.

The iCSR policy is set to be in line with the framework which has been used by the listed company in the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The iCSR Policy consists of;

The Company’s policy on corporate social responsibility
Analysis of the Company’s stakeholders
Operations on Corporate Social Responsibility - in process
Corporate Social Responsibility policy for CSR after-process

Message from Managing Director

Don Muang Tollway Public Co., Ltd. or DMT commits to taking care of all stakeholders, in line with our operations that prioritize social responsibility and continuous environmental care. For over 35 years, we have been serving Thai society by providing expressway services, meeting the needs of our users to reach their destinations conveniently, quickly, and safely. Additionally, we contribute to alleviating traffic congestion on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road.

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Our Approach

The goal is to deliver sustainable value in 3 dimensions as follows:

The Company has divided the CSR after process into 5 different programs. The detailed of all 5 CSR programs with associated colors and symbols as follows:
Tollway Smart Way
The idea of Tollway Smart Way

The policy aims to elevate the educational opportunity in the society. Education is the essential foundation for human that results in development of society and the country. Therefore, Tollway has established the scholarship program to provide education funds for needy students in hope that even a small help but full of voluntary power aiming to elevate the education for Thai children.


Yellow smart idea light bulb means people in society that were educated with the knowledge to live happily in the society and bright future.

Smart Way means the path of knowledge and wisdom.

This is the starting point of establishing a foundation, which is currently a registered charitable organization under the number 968, as announced by the Ministry of Finance. All donations made through the foundation are eligible for tax deductions according to the regulations set by the law. You can use the receipt to claim tax deductions annually.

Tollway Healthy Way
The idea of Tollway Healthy Way

Policy to elevate the good health for the community and society, comprises of 1) Healthy Body represents the good physical health 2) Healthy Mind represents the good mental health and 3) Healthy Behavior represents good practice in living without involving drug usage that damages the health.


Healthy Way means strong and healthy people that is represented through smiling face for happy people in society without drug addiction and diseases.

Tollway Safety Way
The idea of Tollway Safety Way

The policy to elevate Safety on the road. Tollway strives to improve the road safety by organizing project “Tollway Safety Way” because we pay attention on even the small incident without major loss or severe accident causing lives. Every event can make loss to public. Therefore, Tollway organizes various campaigns to encourage motorists for road awareness during normal and holiday periods. Such activities include preliminary vehicle health condition check during holidays as well as campaign for making educational area as a safe zone.

As a consequence, Tollway provided solar-power flash beacons, traffic signs, crosswalk near schools in Bangkok, vicinity areas and other provinces in order to enhance road safety for students, parents and the communities.


Safety Way is represented through Fluorescent Orange color that glows in the dark to show the sign of road safety for motorists to use precautions on the road and share the road to others..

Safety Way conveys the path for Safety on the Road.

Tollway Better Way
The idea of Tollway Better Way

The policy aims to elevate the quality of society . Tollway is another organization that foresees the problems of people especially those in remote areas and difficult to receive government assistance. Tollway Better Way project was therefore established to provide assistance as a return to the society, elevating the people’s quality of life such as delivery of winter blankets or help the flood victims.


Better way is represented through a Blue color that means the bright blue sky. The people in the symbol are happy living in the better quality of society. Better Way symbolizes the path of quality life in society.

Better way is represented through Blue color that means the sky, the fresh.The people in the symbol is likely the happy people in the quality of society.

Better Way is means the path of quality of life in society.

Tollway Green Way
The idea of Tollway Green Way

The policy aims to elevate the environment by recognize the importance of caring for the world and environment by starting from nearest aspect to recycle unused paper toll receipts into student note books and donated to schools around the country. Tollway realizes that “consuming resources wisely is the best way to save the world and environment”


Green way is represented by Green Leaf under the concept “consuming resources wisely is the best way to save the world and environment”