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The Company's with awareness of the ownership of the shareholders who have the right to make any decision on the Company's significant modifications and awareness of the responsibility and respect for the shareholder's rights by not conducting any act that violates or derogates the rights of shareholders, with operations as follows:

Shareholders' Meeting

The Equitable Treatment of Shareholders

The Company values and respects the right of every shareholder equally, not favoring any specific group of shareholders, in accordance with the guidelines set by the Company as follows:

The right to vote at the shareholders' meeting in accordance with the number of shares held by the shareholder, with one (1) share equal to one (1) vote.
In case the shareholders are not able to attend the meeting in person, the Company allows the shareholder to appoint others, any director, or an independent director nominated by the Company as their proxies to attend the meeting on their behalf, to retain their rights. The proxy forms and instructions thereof are delivered to shareholders with the meeting notice. The shareholders or their proxies are encouraged to vote on the ballot cards.
In order to promote fair and equitable treatment of shareholders during the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, the Company allows minority shareholders to exercise their rights to propose meeting agendas and names of persons to be elected as directors in advance within the time frame and conditions according to the specified rules. The Company will consider agendas that are truly beneficial and select qualified persons to be presented to the Board of Directors for consideration and determination in the next meeting agenda, in which such guidelines will be published on the Company's website and notify the news through the website of the Stock Exchange of Thailand.
The Company has exercised a high degree of caution in handling and preventing the use of insider information by the Company's directors, executives, and employees. This preventive measure aims to prevent the use of the information for personal benefits or business operations in competition against the Company or connected businesses for any purpose that may cause damage to the shareholders. The Company therefore requires its directors and executives to disclose information on stakes, transactions that may cause conflicts of interest or connected transactions or related-party transactions, including securities holdings. The Company has set a code of conduct on the securing of the Company's assets and interests, conflicts of interest, confidentiality of the Company's information and the use of such insider information in the Company's ethics of business operations, which can be downloaded from the Company's website.