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Tollway show , increased 10 times of using Smart Purse card for toll payment

Don Muang Tollway Public Limited Company , current feedback using Smart Purse card. Revealed that figure had shot more than 10 times compared to before launching and it is likely to increase steadily. As a result of the needs of active users at ease quickly , with developed traffic management system Together with experts from Japan to develop the traffic system for more efficiency.

Mr. Korawut Chiwaprecha, Executive Vice President - Business & Finance of Don Muang Tollway Public Limited Company said that "After has partnered with Thai Smartcard launched Smart Puse project in January, we've got the new users 3,000 - 5,000 cars/day from the previous user is around 300 cars/day. we plan to have the users 10,000 cars/day."

For the response from Toll user by using 7-Card card or Smart Puse Card is increased because of it's more convenient and faster without spending the time to get the refund. Including the promotion campaign that will buy 7-Card at a special price of 99 baht or promotions on every Friday to get refund of 10 baht to pay the tollway by Smart Puse card or Seven Card. This will help to boost card usage increases. It can also help increase convenience and reduce traffic congestion at the port has improved as well.

Lastest Don Muang Tollway Public Limited Company has partnered with the Metropolitan Expressway Company,this is a specialist provider of motorway from Tokyo, Japan to study the development approach Traffic Control and Surveillance System and develop the nation's transportation system to modern technology and comply with investment.