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Press Conference: 2023 CSR Tollway contest

Ms. Atchara Chareonporn First Vice President - Business Sustainability Development, and Mr. Noppon Pookee Vice President - Business Development and Sustainability, participated in the press conference to introduce the final 10 teams of the Youth Volunteer Community Development Project under the theme "2023 CSR Tollway Contest by Tollway Green Way"

The committee included Mrs.Suthisa Pornpermpoon, Director of Solid Waste and Nightsoil Management Office, representing Bangkok Metropolitan Administration; Ms. Getthip Hannarong, founder and CEO of Zero Waste Yolo Co., Ltd.; Mr. Dome Boonyanurak, CMO/Co-Founder of GEPP Sa-ard Co., Ltd.; and Mr. Tanapat Kittibodisakun, host of the Green Report program on Channel 7HD television station, who attended the event.