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Giving your heart, Caring for Society Year 14th

Ms. Atchara Charoenporn, Senior Director, Corporate Sustainability Development Division, and Mr. Pladisai Jaitaskul, Manager of Corporate Communication and CSR Department of Don Muang Tollway Public Company Limited, along with volunteers employees, participated in improving and repairing school buildings “Ban Khu Duea” that was damaged and dilapidated by the flood, under the project “Giving your heart, Caring for Society Year 14th ”, according to the social activities policy that Tollway Smart Way wish to raise the level of education and provides Green Way notebooks, which are the notebooks made from paper donated from waste paper, brought though the recycling process, to produce notebooks for children which was delivered to Police Sergeant Wichai Sarawan, Specialist Teacher, acting in the position of Director of Ban Khu Duea School.