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Dr. Sakda Panwai participated as a speaker on the topic of 'V2I Smart Tolling System' at the academic seminar on 'Developing Infrastructure to Support Autonomous Cars'.

DMT participated in the academic seminar titled 'Developing Infrastructure to Support Autonomous Cars' held at the Expressway Management Center, Expressway Authority of Thailand. This seminar served as a platform for fostering collaboration in the development of modern transportation systems, promoting electric vehicles, connectivity solutions, and Smart Mobility in Thailand. The event brought together stakeholders from the government, private sector, and academia to share insights and work together.

Dr. Sakda Panwai, Managing Director of DMT (Don Muang Tollway Public Company Limited), had the opportunity to be a guest speaker during the seminar on the topic of 'V2I Smart Tolling System.' Additionally, DMT Smart Drive project information was also showcased at the booth, contributing to the overall discourse and knowledge sharing at the event."