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DMT visited the business and operations of Talk to Me Company Limited

Don Muang Tollway Public Company Limited is committed to manage and provide motorists with convenience, speed, and safety in using the expressway, in order to raise the level of service, increase the satisfaction for road users who contact us through various channels by Ms. Atchara Charoenporn, Senior Director of Corporate Sustainability Development Division (second from left) Khun Noppon Pokee, Director of Business Development and Sustainability Strategy (first from left) and Khun Pladisai Jaitaskul, Manager of Corporate Communications and Social Activities (first from right) visited Talk to Me Company Limited, the experts in call center, one of the joint venture companies of the Internet Thailand Public Company Limited, and attended a meeting on guidelines for developing the Customer Relations Center, led by Khun Natthamon Phongwipit, Managing Director (third from left) and Khun Ekkachat Nantasuwan, General Manager (second from right) at Thai Summit Tower Building on March 29th.