The company set the Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (iCSR Policy). This policy has objectives to delegate the overall company’s policy into the actual implementation of the sustainability development of CSR, to reflect both normal business operation of managing the elevated Don Mueng Toll way that concern about all stakeholders and to provide the social activities that develop social and communities to have better life.

The iCSR policy is set to be in line with the framework which has been used by the listed company in the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The iCSR Policy consists of;

The Company’s policy on corporate social responsibility

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The Company’s vision reflects the policy to be an excellent concession highway operator with responsibility to employees, Tollway users, shareholders and society for sustainable development in the future.

Analysis of the Company’s stakeholders

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The Company has analyzed and identified its stakeholders into two groups as follows:

  1. Direct stakeholder are the government who grants Tollway concession, the Company’s shareholders, debenture holders, customer and employees.
  2. Indirect stakeholder are the Company’s trading partners, mass media, local communities, and the general public and environmental groups.

Operations on corporate social responsibility in process

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The Company has adjusted its day-to-day operations with concerning to corporate social responsibility to accommodate the direct stakeholders. Thus, the Company had done CSR in-process as follows:

  1. Fair business operations
  2. Anti-corruption
  3. Respect Human Rights
  4. Fair treatment of workers
  5. Responsibility to Consumers
  6. Environment protection
  7. Participating in community or social development
  8. Innovation and the dissemination of innovations from operations with CSR to society, environment and stakeholders

Corporate Social Responsibility policy for CSR after-process

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the Company has a policy to undertake activities in addition to day-to-day business operations or CSR after process for the benefits of society and the country as a whole, and for the Company’s sustainable growth. CSR after-process is as follows:

  1. Tollway Smart Way : Elevate the Educational Opportunity
  2. Tollway Happy Way : Elevate Drug-free Society
  3. Tollway Safety Way : Elevate the Road Safety
  4. Tollway Better Way : Elevate of Quality of Society
  5. Tollway Green Way : Elevate the Environment