Corporate Social Responsibilities is committed to contribute to improve the quality of life of Thailand in various areas for social development and a sustainable society of Thailand toward employee, Tollway users and general public.


The first episode of CSR started from intention of Don Muang Tollway Public Company Limited’s management to drive the whole organization toward “Social Enterprise” which has envisaged that doing business is not only looking at ourselves but looking at the society around the company and jointly driving Thai Society toward sustainability development. To accomplish this CSR vision, the management has set the integrated Corporate Responsibility Policy (iCSR Policy) in order to comply with the CSR guideline that has been used by the listed company in the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The iCSR policy consists of 2 parts of social responsibility which are, the social responsibility for normal business (CSR-in Process) and the social responsibility addition to normal business (CSR-after Process)

In order to implement the CSR-after process, the management has enlightened the idea “Tollway the Kindness way that flows to society” which has a goal to put the DMT’s staff as a center of CSR projects. Furthermore, the idea has been communicated through the symbol namely “Mr. Tollway” which are the symbol of all DMT’s employees with full of CSR Power. In addition, the CSR-after process has been developed to the “Volunteer Staff Project” which encourages all DMT’s staff to propose and implement the CSR project by themselves with supporting from DMT. These ideas CSR after-process will ultimately help the company to develop the business and all stakeholders within the same time.

The Company has divided the CSR after process into 5 programs. The detailed of all 5 CSR programs with color and symbol are as follows:

Tollway Better Way

Tollway Green Way

Tollway Happy Way

Tollway Safety Way

Tollway Smart Way