Code of Conduct

“The Company set the Code of Conduct for doing business as a guideline for all level of management and staff to work with honesty, moral, and protect reputation of the company as toll road operator for public used.”

The Code of Conduct has several guidelines with detailed information which promotes understanding of all principles of the company. The guidelines also include determination, vision, mission, corporate governance, value of the organization and moral of the Company. In addition, the Code of Conduct adds some additional guidelines about the compliance of the company’s operation. The guidelines, which will help business operation to comply with the code of conduct, mention about the protection of company’s asset and benefit, what should or should not do concerning the conflict of interest, the protection of the company’s secret, the precaution of receiving or giving the benefit, information disclosure and relation with the investors and the fair treatment to shareholders, tollway users, creditors, competitors, a good practice of staff.

Risk Management Policy

Risk Management Policy is a procedure to manage risks to achieve the objective of Risk Management by complying with the following guidelines.

The Company will implement risk management for the whole organization by covering strategic risk, financial risk, operation risk, concession agreement risk, and occupational health, safety, and work environment risk. These risks may occur in the work process due to uncertainties and different probabilities. The objectives for assessing the risks are as follows:

  1. To maintain risks at acceptable level.
  2. To prevent and/or limit incidents or risk factors that may occur in the future which may affect its vision, mission, goal, and operation objectives, as well as negative impact to the users and the society as a whole.
  3. To contribute to good corporate governance and to use resources wisely and efficiently. These will make the organization grow sustainably and help create value for the organization.

Audit Committee Charter